In rendering legal services, in each and every case, irrespective of whether they are on an ongoing or one-off basis, standard or specialised, we strive to base them on best market practices. We also use our extensive network of practitioners and experts in the worlds of politics, scholarship and consultancy to ensure that our solutions take account, to the maximum extent possible, of the anticipated changes in the economic and legal environments which could influence the purpose and scope of our clients’ business activities.


Ongoing services

We seek to offer ongoing services by allocating specific lawyers who remain on call – at a time and place agreed with the client, and available by telephone (with dedicated numbers), for teleconferences, and by email, for the duration of the assignment.  We draw attention to the fact that in this package of services, we offer the opportunity of taking advantage of consultations with highly-regarded professors at preferential rates, albeit by prior appointment.  Our ongoing services typically consist of legal advisory, drafting and evaluating documents, participating in negotiations, and representing clients in their dealings with contractors, public officials and institutions.

We normally charge a monthly or quarterly flat-rate fee for our ongoing legal services. These fees are set by reference to the estimated number of hours per month that are to be contractually dedicated to the client. We offer preferential rates to clients who sign 12 month contracts or longer ones for our ongoing services.


Specialist services

Our fees for specialist legal services are normally set by reference to our standard hourly charge-out rates. Specialist services are those whose type, scope and/or monthly work-hour schedules (as defined in our flat-rate terms), extend beyond standard assignment requirements.

Specialist services typically involve: drafting studies, expert reports and legal opinions; rendering services in more complicated enterprises, projects and contracts; representing clients before domestic and foreign authorities.



We render our services on the basis of formal written agreements with clients. We operate on the assumption that neither Królak i Wspólnicy, nor any of its associates, can be deprived of the right to represent any other client, now or in the future, unless such representation were to cause a direct legal conflict of interests.


We are convinced that the experience of Królak i Wspólnicy to date, the professional and academic qualifications of its core team of lawyers and its associates and their achievements, give ample guarantee that the legal services we offer are of the highest order.