Dr. Sylweriusz Marcin Królak, Senior Managing Partner



Sylweriusz M. Królak PhD in Law, specialises in public sector enterprises, the pharmaceutical industry, the restructuring of enterprises,  infrastructure projects, EU market regulations, arbitration proceedings and European civil law proceedings.

He co-headed the Polish delegation at the EU’s Justice and Home Affairs Council in 2002-2004.  After 1 May 2004, he served on the EU Council on numerous occasions. In March 2003, he was the chief Polish rapporteur in the UN Committee Against Racial Discrimination in Geneva. In October 2004, he was the chief rapporteur during the review by the UN Human Rights Committee of the V periodic report on Poland’s implementation of the resolutions of the International Pact on Civic and Political Rights. In 2004, he represented Poland before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg which sat in judgment over the Lugano II case.

He has participated as a co-rapporteur in numerous international conferences, notably those dedicated to: basic rights in the EU (Helsinki 2002), combatting slave trade (Brussels 2003), and the XI Conference of the UN  regarding the dispensation of justice in criminal cases and in combatting crime (Bangkok 2005).

He speaks fluent English and Russian.