Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructurings

We offer a full range of advisory services in:

  • legal and tax due diligence reviews
  • planning and implementing mergers and acquisitions,
  • planning and implementing sales and de-mergerss,
  • planning and implementing joint venture agreements,
  • planning and implementing restructurings of capital groups,
  • planning and implementing ownership transformations,
  • planning and implementing the privatisation and commercialisation of State Treasury companies,
  • selling and buying shares,
  • drafting and reviewing articles of association,
  • Asset valuations.

This extends to filing notifications to the UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer protection) or the European Commission regarding intended “concentrations of undertakings”, and representing applicants in proceedings for consents to concentrations of undertakings from the anti-monopoly authorities.

Our services in this field also embrace:

  • legal due diligence reviews of  participants in transactions,
  • expert reports and advisory in various fields of law,
  • the comprehensive estsablishment of legal aspects of transactions and their implementation. 

Our lawyers utilise the experience they have gained in these types of transactions carried out for some of the leading entities on the Polish market and associated with the merging of firms on the European markets.

In offering these services, we take painst to pay  due regard to the standards imposed by EU legislation.