Constitutional Law

All too often, the practice of authorities applying the law and the number of solutions contained in parliamentary acts and executive regulations that they generate, arouse serious concerns as to their compliance with the Polish Constitution.

In this situation, the protection of our clients’ interests demands an excellent knowledge of the basic law and the collaboration of specialists in various areas of the law, including constitutional law experts.

We  offer the following services:

  • drafting legal opinions and professorial expert reports regarding the conformity of given legislative solutions with the Polish Constitution;
  • drafting proposals for passing new legal acts and regulations or amending existing legislation;
  • consultations and advisory regarding constitutional law in regard of administrative or court procedures that are planned or in progress;
  • drafting constitutional compliants: the infringement of constitutional rights as enshrined in the Polish Constitution of 1997 opens the way to indirectly appeal against unconstitutional court rulings or administrative decisions in proceedings before the Constitutional Tribunal. The conditions of filing an appeal are fairly narrowly defined (they do not apply to every unfavourable ruling, but only to some); with that, a complaint must be produced and filed in the name of the plaintiff by an advocate (barrister) or legal advisor (lawyer).  We evaluate court rulings and administrative decisions from the point of view of their conformity with the Constitution and we draft and file complaints and appeals on behalf of our clients accordingly;
  • representing our clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Tribunal.