European funds, public utility projects

We advise on issues of state aid for enterprises, concentrating in particular on questions of utilising EU sources of finance for projects that are on the drawing board or in progres.

  • We support the implementation of small, medium and big enterprise projects, aimed at securing European funding both for investments and for obtaining high-grade advisory services.  Using aid provided in line with the EU policy on the consistency principle in enterprise, we can help in obtaining financial resources for among others:
    • investment in fixed assets associated with the creation of a new enterprise or developing an existing one;
    • the implementation of fundamental changes in the products or production processes of existing enterprises, in particular through rationalisation, diversification or modernisation;
    • investments in intangible and proprietary assets connected with technological transfers by way of patent rights, licences and  know-how, including unpatented technical knowledge.
  • Due to the support given by our specialists, enterprises can also seek European funding for entrepreneurial innovations and the enhancement of their competitiveness.  Activities related to expanding product offers, in winning new customer groups –  on both the Polish and European markets – involving computerisation, rationalisation of logistics in the sale of goods and services and internal enterprise management, especially the certification of quality of goods and services (ISO), all come into play.
  • Apart from preparing projects eligible for EU subsidies, we render services connected with their account settlements. Entrepreneurs who receive EU funds are obliged to file: applications for the coverage of payables on the basis of which subsidies are received; activity and financial progress reports regarding their investments which are essential for the correct closure of their projects.
  • We offer professional support in drawing up business plans and feasibility studies. Our offer embraces both the preparation of a complete set of documents according to the template required by a given bank, financing institution or investment fund, and the drafting of documents according to a uniform scheme agreed with the client, based on best practices in that area.  Our experts produce bespoke feasibility studies tailored to individual client investment needs..
  • Furthermore, we have a practice group specialising in public utility services law, typically concentrated on the energy and mining sectors. Members of our group have advised innovative joint-venture enterprises connected with renewable energy sources and in forming scientific-industrial consortiums with the poarticipation of firms of worldwide renown regarding modern technologies.