Environmental Protection Law

We draft legal opinions and represent Clients before the courts and public administration authorities relating to infringements of regulations on environmental protection and in cases attaching to the issue of permits to release substances or energy into the environment, including integrated permits and all other decisisions relating to environmental protection, water and sewage management and refuse management.

We would particularly commend our client services in the following areas:

  • drafting analyses of the legal status of enterprises arising from environmental protection regulations;
  • legal assistance in setting up commercial law companies, foundations and associations embracing environmental protection issues in their scope of activities;
  • legal assistance in acquiring industrial land for investment purposes;
  • advisory in environmental protection investments at the stages of zoning proceedings, building procedures, and risk assessments in their implementation;
  • drafting analyses and legal audit reports on buyers’ risks connected with past and present environmental damage in the process of selling off enterprises in particular concerning soil and earth surface damage and the possible need to recultivate the contaminated ground;
  • explaining the legal aspects of fees for using the environment and the monetary fines for offences or infringements of the terms and conditions for using the environment;
  • advisory in assessing the environmental impact of a planned project;
  • advisory in greenhouse gas emissions trading;
  • analyses of obligations connected with economic activity requiring environmental permits, and the possibility of transferring these permits to other parties.